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Eating healthy is now easier than ever

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In the past, it may have been hard to come up with ideas for healthy food. We used to be stuck with fried anything or rather unhealthy sauces or basically anything that was given to us by moms or grandmas. That is now over. Food is now one of the main topics on the internet a thanks to that we have access to any food from any culture. What else led to the spread of healthy eating? 

healthy food

The internet

This one I already mentioned. The globalisation of everything made it possible to follow people from all over the planet and have a look at their daily lives, including food. One of the most popular sources of recipes (both healthy and unhealthy) are food videos, mainly made by Tasty, that have global variations with foods specific to certain parts of the world.

Access to various ingredients

Let's say we're now living 50 years ago. We probably wouldn't have access to foods of spices from countries half the globe away from us. And if we did, it would probably be very limited. But we live in the present and there's absolutely no problem with buying fruit that only grows in tropical climate even if we're from let's say Norway. What is this sorcery?

chicken salad

The war on fast food 

It's not really anything new when I say that fast food is not really the healthiest food of them all. They know it as well so most of them are trying really hard to make their food as healthy as possible. Now there are even fast food restaurants focused only on healthy foods.

How can you adopt a healthy lifestyle?

You're love to hear this. It's not even that difficult. You're going to have to make some changes, but nothing too radical. You can start with:

  • eating out less
  • reduce your alcohol intake
  • follow people who eat healthy (and make pretty photos of their food...very inspirational)

See? Nothing drastic. You can do it!

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