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Types of advertising and their production

  • George Brookman

It is generally known that today's world and space around us is overwhelmed by advertising, is it really so? Most likely yes, and we will focus on what can be called advertising and how many are actually the types of advertising.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Are you using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Probably yes, because you are going with time and it just belongs to today. Do you know how to know about your business or about yourself on social networks? It is necessary to create an interesting profile to reach customers and people interested in a product or service. Content can be further shared through friends, which we need. Advertising is cheap, and with good timing and content, it is also very useful.


Have you ever heard of SEO? These are search engine optimization based on keywords. Backlinks are very important for SEO and you can get them two ways. The first way is to register in the catalog or the other way and buy backlink for a certain time.


Banners are pop-ups or static advertising for a service or product displayed on a web page. The themes may not be the same as the content of the site. The purpose of the banner is to get backlinks to our site, ranging from inexpensive advertising resources. However, it always depends on the design, so it is better to pay for the graphics.


PPC is the abbreviation of Pay per click, a pay per click. These ads appear, for example, on the Sites or Google Sites. If you click on an ad, you will make a profit to the advertiser. The cost per click is calculated, for example, depending on the type of the keyword. Use PPC ads to customize PPC ads.


LED (light) advertising

With LED strips and microchips, the signmaker is able to create almost any moving advertisement. This movement is created either by switching multiple shapes or by programming a matrix. Every household has an LCD or LED TV today. A similar principle is used in the production of light advertising, where large-area LCDs or LED panels are used.

The benefits of light advertising

  • low power consumption
  • long life
  • maintenance-free
  • high resistance
  • instant high luminosity
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