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Tips for a trip: Havel's place

  • George Brookman

The garden is a place of rest, so it is necessary to have a place where to relax. Pergolas are very popular today, but also garden furniture or ordinary benches. Bench, somebody will not stop over it, but the opposite is true, because the badly selected bench will not bring any rest.

havel's place

With the internet and a wide range of outdoor benches, there is no problem finding and buying an outdoor bench. You can choose, for example, from plastic, solid or metal models of various manufacturers. Plastic and metal are durable materials that will not get rain, snow, frost or sun rays.

Garden seat for every activity

There is no bench as a bench, as evidenced, for example, by the claim that you do not rest on the benches. The opposite is true, however, but we have to subconsciously "invent" the idea of ​​a classic wooden, shabby park bench at the railway station or a dark forest park. To the gardens we choose quite different benches, that is, those with four legs, a sufficiently long and wide seat, armrests and rear back support. Garden benches can be found in various modifications, whether the changes are related to material, pattern, color or design.

Style, design and material

The most modern era is plastic, so plastic. Unfortunately, it is a material that is resistant to almost all influences, but it is not a natural thing that the garden deserves. A more appropriate solution is wood that perfectly underlines the natural spirit. Another advantage of this material is considerable stability if you overload the bench. If you are worried that the coating will not last so much, try for example teak wood that is maintenance-free. If you do not drink teak with a special oil, it gets its gray patina, but it does not hurt. As far as metal is concerned, it is very strong and stable, but it must be painted regularly, otherwise corrosion will be endangered.

havel's place

Nature and synthetic toxic color do not go far enough, modern colors and mord are often water-soluble and easily degradable, so you do not have to worry about them. As far as shades are concerned, it is purely on the individual nature of each individual. Top colors include, for example, shades of red or blue. However, it must be remembered that the color should correspond to the environment, not distracting and unnatural. For wood, we should avoid any colorful tones, so you can not brown anything.

Havel's place

Before the Technical Museum in Prague, you can see a really special specimen called Havel's bench. What is it about? It is a red steel bench that symbolizes a board placed on a beer barrel. Bench was created in the workshop of architects Ley Dostálová and Petr Pištěk. The bench has a total length of 1989 millimeters, which makes artists refer to a bloated year in Czech history.

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