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Metal galvanizing

  • George Brookman

Do you also hate rust, grinding and multilayer painting, such as railing? This is an activity you can do every two years again, unless you let the railings be modified, specifically galvanized. We will say more about this surface treatment today.



This is an electrolytic reaction that produces a coating of 15 microns on the metal surface that protects the metal from corrosion and other influences. This makes the material much more durable than when applying paint and varnish. However, it is not eternal and without good color. Galvanizing is the ideal base for basic colors if you want to use it outdoors.

Zinc setting conditions

If we want to be sure that galvanizing is of high quality, we must observe several aspects, especially the right welding of surfaces and sufficient technological drain holes. If these two parameters are not met, the parts are deformed!

The technological process

In the introduction I have already mentioned galvanizing is an electrolytic process, many of you already know, the brightness will follow:

A thorough cleaning of rust and grease. Suspending into an aqueous solution of zinc salt (electrolyte) and cathode connection to a DC power source.
Anode connection (plates made of pure zinc). Electrical current connection and electrolytic triggering when the zinc from the anode dissolves and floats to the cathode where it is excreted on the surface of the material.


This process produces a fine-grained galvanic zinc layer with a thickness of 5,8 microns.
The galvanized articles are further processed by chromating, which protects the zinc during storage and transport. However, it is important to remember that such objects can not withstand weather influences without further protection!

  • ideal base under base paints and varnishes
  • metal protection
  • metal protection against mechanical damage
  • Increases abrasion resistance
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