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How to choose RC car model

  • George Brookman

You are probably inventing gifts for your closest ones. In case you decide to buy the rc car model, you are right here. We will advise you on choosing the right one.

rc model

Main parameters

To play the toy in a few hundreds, you can not expect anything of quality. For quality, the tribute must be paid in the order of thousands. A high-quality model that lasts and can be operated in any weather can not be quite inexpensive because quality materials, model development and other things are worth a while. Generally, the model behind it starts at around $ 4,000. For cheaper models, you will only encounter cheap materials, unavailable spare parts, and low durability.


When choosing, it is very important to analyze the surface where you will travel from 90%. For example, grass is a problem especially because of the great resistance the rc car has to overcome. That is why we are looking for models that have a powerful enough AC motor. In the catalog, look at the categories (monsters, expeditions or rallies). If you are driving on asphalt, pavement or gravel, there is no need for special choices, because rc cars will drive all. In the case of rocky and rocky laughs it is necessary to choose from category (crawlers or expeditions). At the extreme, you can also ride on mud or snow, and we recommend selecting all-wheel-drive models at higher altitudes. This meets the following categories (trugg, monster or expedition).

Age and ability

There are only two types of driving styles for which the models are designed. The first is riding for joy and testing how much that model can stand and the other style on the other hand races. If you want to ride the model for joy, models with higher durability and stiffer construction are recommended. For races, it is necessary to choose the category in which you want to ride.

rc model


When selecting the rc model, only two age categories are taken into account, up to 6 years and 6 years. For the smallest one, it is recommended to select from 1:16 or 1:18 scale. Above 6 years of age it is at the discretion of parents, but caution should be exercised! As far as the budget is concerned, it's all up to you, at least, however, with the amount of 4.000,-.


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