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Do you know patchwork

  • George Brookman

Do you know the old technique of stapling individual pieces of fabric together? This is a so-called patchwork, resulting in beautiful works, such as blankets and blankets. Czech patchwork is constantly gaining popularity, so there has also been a strong fan base and several clubs. Here you can learn some of the methods.


information about patchwork

The word patchwork is English and consists of the word patch (patch) and the word "work". By combining these words a patchwork is created, which indicates the technique of stapling pieces of fabric that create very interesting artwork. Enough was cheering, now we show how to do the patchwork. The first phase is to cut the fabric into small pieces, which are then stitched back into "blocks" in random combinations. Blocks continue to add special edges, called bordury. The first layer, resulting from sewing blocks, is called top. There are two more layers under the top, most often made of polyester or cotton. The final process of assembling all the layers is called quilting, producing a solid product.

Patchwork material

If we look at the history of the patchwork, we assume it was a difficult hand job that was done using primitive tools, ie needles and threads. Now the situation is different, as sewing machines and patchworks appeared on the market. Patchwork fabrics are designed for this purpose and contain 100% cotton. These fabrics are fairly difficult to buy, so I recommend you a Cotton shop where you can buy everything you need. You will no longer defend yourself from creation.


Other types

With the development of patchwork, individual types have also been created that can be divided into the following categories:

  • paperpiecing - stitching patterns over paper
  • friendship quilt - sewing by a group of people as a friendly gift
  • memory quilt - sewing blankets with a group of people for memory purposes
  • new born quilt - sewing blankets especially for the newborn
  • BOM - a model binding for everyone
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