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Best Sightseeing Places in Prague

  • George Brookman

Prague can sometimes get pretty confusing. All those streets, noise and people trying to steal change from you might hurt your experience. We can't provide thiefs and noise blocking barrier but we can give you some of the best places to visit as an excited tourist.

wenceslas square

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is an amazing place to walk. You will have to deal with a lot of other tourists (let's be honest, someone, who lives there would never go there) but it's such a beatiful place to see it's certainly worth it. If you're lucky enough and have some time to look at the surroundings, definitely do it.

charles bridge

The Zoo

It may sound weird, but Prague Zoo is not as frequented. Especially in the winter, because most of the animals are inside. It's also pretty cheap so with or without animals, it's a great walk.

Petřín Lookout Tower

Situated on a pretty high hill, it's a great place to escape from everyone. If you decide to go there, you get an amazing walk, you will see a lot of Prague even if you don't go up the tower and  if you do, you're going to see one of the most beautiful sights ever. Just try it for yourself.


Are you fan of a beautiful architecture and again, high hills? Then Vyšehrad is just a thing for you. You will get a look at the cathedral and you will have a chance to visit one of the most famous graveyards in the Czech republic with graves of world-known artists like Bedřich Smetana or Karel Čapek.

Where To Find More Places?

Have you already visited all of these and are ready to go somewhere not as typical? Here are some tips where to look:

  • social media groups for tourists
  • travel websites
  • trip advisor
  • use-it maps

Happy traveling!

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