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Food supplements are substances without which professional sportsmen can not offer top sporting performances. Of course there are many substances prohibited for whose use by athletes may be punished by disqualification and prohibition of activities which may even be detrimental to their health. On the other hand, however, many substances that harm the athletes, but rather help them to regenerate and prepare for the top races.

These substances are mostly based on natural and athletes is to offer fitness shop. Those in the market large quantities and each athlete has to find one that will suit him and whom to trust.


Alternative chinese medicine

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oberon chinese medicine

To diagnose the disease the patient is monitored by a large number of symptoms. They subsequently cause the so-called imbalance in the body, creating syndrome. Patients have several syndromes so as to determine a therapeutic strategy. Chinese medicine is unique, the approach to each patient individually. It focuses on the feelings of the patient and what they see. It is an alternative medicine that explores the energy of the body. It is characterized by a number of treatments such as well-known acupuncture, massage treatments, but, of course, a change in diet and lifestyle. She asked for several hundred generations of Chinese doctors who still learn patterns of their ancestors.